The Beginning

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi there, My name is Alexia and I'm moving to Rwanda for a very short time, and so I have decided to start a blog to share some of my life. But before you decide to read on I must  warn you of a few things.  
Firstly, I have to inform you that I have no special nor poetical way with words; however, I have decided to take the great venture of putting my thoughts into words. Second, I'll have to sadly admit that I have no special nor professional way with photography. As much as I would love to promise mind blowing and breath taking pictures during my time abroad I am not in the business of making promises which I can not keep; but thats not to say that I wont try my very best! And lastly, although God has blessed me with many many things [and boy am I thankful] good, even legible handwriting was not one of them. And what does my pitiful hand writing have to do with this blog? I doodle. Mostly words. I have a small unlined notebook which I enjoy jotting down random thoughts, opinions, or whatever my wild mind comes up with. Like an offline, 1 viewer, 5 worded blog. Each doodle has a revelatory and mostly significant story behind it and I feel like sharing.

Its been a dream of mine for some time now to travel to Africa and with a lot of prayer and much effort God has opened that door for me. I've been terribly moved by the world water crisis and I have a need to do something about it during my lifetime. One in 7 people do not have access to clean water; for some people their days consist of walking 12 miles for 4 buckets of clean water. these facts stick with me. This January I'm getting the opportunity to study sustainable development during the spring  semester with SIT World Learning in Kigali, Rwanda. 30% of Rwanda's population does not have access to clean and safe drinking water and I strongly believe that that number can be greatly reduced in a matter of years.