God has restored this country

Friday, February 28, 2014

And I've seen it with my own eyes. 20 years ago the genocide against the Tutsis took place all through out Rwanda ending with a death toll of a little over a million. I have learned a lot about the genocide in the last month, more than 9th grader me ever expected to learn in my life time. I've seen the pictures, heard the testimonies, and even seen thousands of full skeletons that were dug up from the mass graves and preserved with chemicals, some even with little pieces of hair still attached to their skull. The thought is horrific, one that I can not and probably will not ever be able to truly fathom. Friends killed friends, family members killed family members and neighbors killed neighbors.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent people's lives were cut too short.

And how does one forgive such a gruesome incident?
Many survivors of the genocide witnessed someone they knew kill their family or loved ones. And yet here they are present day living among one another; perpetrators and victims in the same villages, some even neighbors, but how? 

Forgiveness such as this can only be learned through the cross. Pastors came in and taught both the survivors and perpetrators the gospel and the message of forgiveness. Little by little the both were able to come together and live as a community. No long is this country split between social groups of Hutus and Tutsis, instead the country now consist of Rwandans and the barriers have been destroyed. 
God has restored this country in Love and forgiveness. 

March Prayer Challenge
Since coming in Rwanda I have seen God answer my prayers as well as the prayers of friends over and over again, little and big. After a friend and I chatted about it,  we thought it would be a great idea to keep track of these answers prayers and share them with friends and family. We would love for you to join us and here is how:

1. Write.
For the entire month of March write down your prayers in whatever fashion fits you best.

2. Record.
Every time you have a prayer that is answered record how and when it was answered. Even after March continue recording how He answered your prayers that you have written down.

3. Share.
Share, share, share! We want to encourage others and  For every answered prayer share on social media whether it be Facebook, instagram, pinterest or whatever. Please hashtag #MarchPrayerChallenge

4. Thank.
Don't forget to say thank you the One who answered your prayer.

Somethings the Word says about prayer:
He hears you! - Psalm 66:20, 1 Peter 5:7

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