I Love You When You're Singing that Song

Saturday, December 7, 2013

If you like it, talk about it: Music.

There are few things better than really good music. I'm a lover of good music and a strong believer that it is a magnificent gift from God which I continuously thank Him for. There's a certain joy that good music uproots from the soul and brings spectacular light to life's seemly mundane moments.

I've found that music can give us the ability to discover things about our selves tucked away in the simplicity of a single verse of a song.
Although I try not to be partial, I love international bands like Frightened Rabbit, Vance Joy, of Monsters and Men, Kodaline and The Kooks, which is where 'Junk of The Heart' came from. and then there are extremely talented american bands like Vampire Weekend, Gospel Whiskey Runners,  and The Oh Hellos, and much more. If you haven't heard any of these talented people's music, you should.   
I find it so lovely when I get the unexpected opportunity to talk about music with new friends who have a similar taste in music, there are few things better than having a good conversation over the things that you Love.
I may be a little strange about music but non the less unbothered by that fact. I think its cool, the power that music has on the mind. There are songs that remind me of close friends and songs that remind me of strangers. There are songs that remind me of winter and those of summer. Song that remind me of my purpose and song that remind me to slow down,  songs for dancing and songs for the gym. 

   Everything about this video is    good

The second reason as to why I love music is for the dancing.
 Rhythm, It gets into my bones and I Love to dance, there is something so freeing about dancing and not being bothered about those who are watching. Mostly I just want to dance, and I'll take the opportunity when ever its presented to me.  What a glorious way to celebrate life!  Do your thing and leave it on the dance floor if you must because we are fools whether we dance or not, so we might at well dance.

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