No sweat.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Life seems to get a bit tense around the holiday season. I believe that with all of the holiday haste and the briskness of life it is so incredibly easy to get caught up in life's trivial moments.
So here is a small bit of food for thought...

There is nothing more scares or profound than this very day! None of us are guaranteed one more day on earth and this truth emphasizes how immensely important it is to fill this moment, and every moment, with things that matter. 
Life is happening right now and it needs to be celebrated continuously.

Please and always take a step back from the small frustrations found through-out our weekly routines, and see that you are surrounded by opportunities which highlight  just how precious, marvelous, lovely, wondrous, and magnificent life is.

When you notices all of life's  sweetness it becomes evident what a tremendous waste of time it is to sweat the petty stuff.

Now go read a good book or something like that.

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