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Monday, December 2, 2013

 I have the handwriting of a third grade school boy but I got over that a few years back. Lately I've been thinking about people and their opinions and feelings towards just about anything. I personally believe that the most important thing that a person can do is to stay true to them self. If you like something, like it and make it known!  I've found that when I can honestly separate what I like and what I think that I like (due to what others have imposed, or even just our culture) I've found that there is real freedom in that. 

It's quite possible a lot of this thinking started with my silly little hat collect. One day during the summer I came across a 5 panel hat that looked fun.  I liked it so I bought it. I didn't ask myself (or anyone for that matter) if I could pull it off or even if it was socially acceptable, I just knew that I liked it and so I went for it; and six months down the road I somehow ended up with 5. Trust your gut and the need to rely on the opinions of others diminishes.  We should treat a lot of life like this; if you like it, rock it, eat it, buy it, or talk about it! We do not have time to let the things that matter to us become of only moderate quality.

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